10 Most Important Baking Tips for Perfect Fluffy Cake

Baking cake is not a fun chore and especially when you are totally unaware of the settings of microwave and don’t have the idea of measurements too. Cake drool everyone’s mouth and easy approach of a microwave in every house nowadays has also made is possible for people to bake the cake by their own. But doing so is not at all easy. Baking is, in fact, the most complicated thing that people can do as a part of cooking. The cookery shows can lure you in making cake at home, but the reality of things is quite different and difficult than the practicality.

The hosts in cookery shows can bake cake well because they are expert in it and definitely you are not an expert and this is a reason why you are reading this post. If after repeated attempts your cake is not that fluffy and tasty as it should be then it may be because of your repeated baking mistake. If you also want to transfer your standard in baking from novice to expert then here are the ten most important baking tips that you should always follow.

Lining Cake Pan Well: Lining your cake tin is the most important thing that you should do in order to acquire the good results of your baking. People do forget to implement this point and end up at a sticky batter in their cake tin. If you don’t want to encounter anything unusual during baking then don’t forget to line the cake tin well. You can dust floor or can also apply butter or oil to the tin surface.

Accurate Measurement is Always Needed: Measurement is the key of baking, from a pinch of baking soda to two cups floor everything is required to be used in the required quantity. A small measurement mistake can lead to disasters in your baking. Make sure you refer a good recipe book or website for cake baking.

Avoid Cold Eggs: Using cold eggs in the cake better avoids it from getting emulsified. Always make sure that if you are using the eggs kept in the refrigerator then you must bring it to the room temperature before beating it with the other cake mixture.

Preheating is Mandatory: Whenever you have heard the term baking you must have also heard preheating. Well, this is the golden rule of cake baking. Cake baking is a complicated process in which the time really plays a major role. Hence in order to avoid overheating of cake mixture, it is necessary to preheat the oven well. The preheated surrounding of the oven will provide the best temperature for cake baking.

Fill the Batter with Air: Batter of cake is the most important part of it. If you are really looking forward to a fluffy cake then beat the mixture as much as you can. Fill it with air to the extent. The more you whisk the batter the fluffier your cake will be.

Don’t Wait with Batter for Long: This is one of the very common types of mistake that people do commit during the time of baking. If you are done with whisking the cake batter, then don’t wait with it for long. You should straight away put it in the microwave. Until and unless the cake recipe requires it you must not put the batter in the refrigerator or make it rest before baking.

Never Ignore Cooking Time: If you fail in baking all the time then ignoring the cooking time can be the reason for it. If the cooking time says 11 minutes 25 seconds then you must pause the cooking at that time only. Overcooking and undercooking both are not good for baking.

Cooling Technique: As soon as the cake is done people tend to keep it in the baking tin only. You should not do this, immediately remove the cake from the tin and cool it completely. Cooling cake properly is required well in order to have the delectable cake surprise by your side.

So these are the wonderful baking hacks that would make you the queen of cake baking. Implement these tips well and enjoy delicious and fluffy cake with your loved ones. Why order cake online when you have the delectable surprise at home?

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