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4 Birthday Gifts for Husband Under 500 Rupees

Birthday is the best moment of the year for a person. The date of birth is significant which is celebrated with complete fervor. There are some special relations that are actually cherished by everyone. One amongst such relationship bond is of husband and wife. The partners for life don’t leave a single opportunity to express the deep love and affection towards each other then how the birthday could be left like this. Birthday party is a significant moment hence the gift for partner should also be special.

It is the endeavor of every wife that she should present something heartwarming and appealing to brother. Going with a premium present all the time is not possible for everyone and as wives are smart shopper they always look for the budget friendly gifts that should exhibit premium quality. For all those smart wives, this is going to be the most useful article where they will know about four such birthday gifts for husband that they could buy for INR 500.

Special Cupcakes: The birthday cake is old, the trending one is cupcakes. On the birthday of your husband when you are moving with the two themes of budget and uniqueness then you should replace the birthday cake with Cupcakes. This is really a pleasant surprise and the cuteness of cakes would melt his heart.

Printed T-Shirt: Personalized and customized gifts are always the first choice for special days of celebration. On the birthday of your hubby present his printed T-shirt, with some good quotation describing his DOB or sun sign.

Personalized Coffee Mug: Going with a duo coffee mug for your hubby on his birthday is a great idea. You can gift him personalized coffee mug as a gift of his birthday and for sure, he is going to keep it closer to his heart.

Flower Bouquet: Don’t underestimate the power of a bouquet. On the birthday of your partner go with flower bouquet as it would serve as the best medium of express too. In your budget of rupees 500 you can get pleasant of ideas in this category.

When we see a 500 rupees note, it seems a very little amount, but we are sure that the gift ideas for husband under 500 by us would make you understand the value of this amount. You can also buy these presents online and send it as online birthday gifts to surprise hubby.

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