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8 Baking Mistakes You Should Avoid

Cooking something by copying recipe mentioned in the recipe book is just like giving the grammar test, in which you are supposed to be perfect in every aspect. One of the complicated phases of cooking is baking. Dealing with the right temperature of microwave or beating the batter perfectly well or measuring the ingredients perfectly as per the instruction, there may be so many complicated things that one needs to handle well while baking. A small mistake during baking can lead to awful results at the end. We are here mentioning 8 baking mistakes that everyone should avoid, in order to have, a tasty, fluffy and creamy cake at the end.

Not Measuring Flour Properly: Measurement is the most essential step that you are supposed to follow when baking. One of the biggest and most common mistakes during the process is not measuring flour properly. If the recipe book says that it should be one and half cup then you should take exact that amount only, not more and not less.

Using Old Baking Powders: If you are thinking that the baking powder that you have used two months back can be used for this time baking also, then you are wrong. This is another mistake that people do commit. Using old baking powder will not give you fluffy cake or satisfying result.

Over Mixing Batter: For a fluffy cake you are supposed to beat the batter. Well, yes you are required to do it but not to extreme. Over mixing the batter or putting extra air in it, can disturb the fluffiness and sometimes the texture as well.

Not Following Instructions Well: If you are a novice in baking and wish to come out in flying colors after your trial then copy the steps as it is mentioned in the recipe book. Don’t try to add or subtract anything from your side.

Avoid Tweaking Recipe If It’s the First Time: Experimenting with cooking is something that we all desperately like, but kindly try your hands on new things when you are baking. People do apply their own tweaks when baking and they end up at awful results.

Not Bringing Ingredients on Room Temperature: Baking is complicated than cooking because one is supposed to follow the instruction completely well as mentioned in the book. Another type of much common mistake that people commit is, not bringing ingredients on room temperature. The ingredients such as milk, eggs and butter need to be at room temperature before you dumb it in the mixing bowl.

Cracking Eggs Directly in Mixing Pan: People do commit this mistake much commonly when baking. Cracking eggs directly in the mixing bowl is not a good step of baking until and unless you are expert in it.

Dumping All Ingredients Together: Baking is an art and you need to do it with this sense only. Like when you are practicing an art you do things slowly and smoothly, the same you are supposed to do while baking as well. Dumping all the ingredients together will never give you good results. Instead, you should try mixing things one by one.

So, the above 8 steps would very clearly guide you as what are the mistakes that you should avoid when trying your hands on baking. If you will follow the guidelines then surely you can surprise your loved ones with tasty, delicious and fluffy cake.

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