Personality Traits of Scorpion (Birthdays Between October 23 to November 21)

Birthdays are the most decisive times of a man’s life. The complete personality of a man depends on the day and the signs in which he is born. There are many things that comes out from the birth date of a person. We are here discussing the scorpion. Based on their sun-sign they are passionate and assertive people. They make a great leader and also always aware of the situations and the happenings in and around.

This all is possible because of their resourcefulness. As it is a water sign hence scorpions are meant to experience and express emotions. We are here telling you the personality traits of scorpion on the bases of their date of birth. Definitely, this is the perfect write up that would make you understand the scorpions much better.

Focussed: They are the most focussed sun sign you would ever meet. Their major strength is that, they have got the power to focus. They can understand things in a better perspective that no one else can do of course.

Brave: They are brave soul and this is definitely the thing that they have got from their sun-sign. They are never going to lose their sleep over a disruptive manner, instead they would stand out and fight with all the odds to come out with bright colours by the end.

Balanced: They are not libra, but they are balanced. They are definitely jovial and passionate but one cannot consider them to be immature. They are quite mature and balanced of course and this is a reason why people do prefer to remain in their company.

Ambitious: If you are looking for some sort of motivation then be with scorpions. They are highly ambitious and are the one who can see only their goals and nothing else. Fixed and targetted on the things is what makes them the great sign-up and something that becomes inspiration for others.

Faithful: If you are looking for loyalty and faith then date a scorpion. They are the most faithful one and it is because if they will promise they would stand by you no matter, what happens next.

Secretive: For the scorpions it is really a very difficult act to trust people and hence they are secretive personalities. They would never let people to know what they actually think and hence they are secretive.

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