Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan Messages SMS Images Photos in Bengali Gujrati Nepali

Raksha Bandhan Messages SMS Images Photos in Bengali Gujrati Nepali } – Hello Friends!! wishing all of you an extremely cheerful Happy Raksha Bandhan. Many of the individuals are looking for Raksha Bandhan Bengali Gujarati Nepali SMS wishes pictures images photos 2021 so you can copy it from here from our article for your dear friends and relative on the occasion of this great festival.  You are provided with a wide range of assortments of pictures of rakhi in many different languages. Raksha Bandhan is an antiquated celebration and has many myths and memorable legends connected to it.

Download rakhi pictures, images, Pics in diverse different dialects in Assamese Bengali Nepali Gujrati SMS messages wishes on this Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi Pournima so you can send it to your dear friends, relatives, cousins. Once the Rakhi has been tied, the sister prays to God for the prosperity – great wellbeing, success and joy – for her brothers, cousins brothers. This custom once in a while includes an aarti, where a plate with lit light or flame is turned around the face of Brothers, alongside the blessing, prayers to God and well wishes.

The request to God is a self-created note or one of numerous distributed Rakhi lyrics and compositions. One of the most punctual samples of a Rakhi request to God is found in Book V, Chapter V of Vishnu Purana; it is the players to God that Yasoda says while tying a Raksha Bandhan ornament on Krishna’s wrist.[20][21]

Here in the coming header, we are providing you with the Nepali, Bengali, Gujrati Raksha Bandhan Wishes SMS Messages Images, Pictures Pics as follow.

Raksha Bandhan SMS Messages in Nepali, Bengali, Gujrati

Raksha Bandhan SMS Messages in Nepali, Raksha Bandhan SMS Bengali, Raksha Bandhan Messages in Gujrati}

Raksha Bandhan Messages in Nepali

  • Sangai hurkiyau sangai baadhyau
    dherai paaye saano maa pyar
    Bhaai bahini ko pyar baDhaauna ko lagi
    Aaudai chha raksha bandhan parba
    Happy Brother Sister Festival 2021
  • na Paapa Ko pitaai na mitra ko DaTaai le
    na keti ko inkaar le
    na chappal ko dhulai le
    timi jasto aashiq sudrinchha
    Matra raakhi ko paawan bandhan le
    Happy Brother Sister Festival 2021

Raksah Bandhan SMS in Bengali

  • बहना ने भाई की कलाई  से..
    प्यार बंधाहै
    प्यार के तार से करना ..
    संसार बंधा है
    रेशम की डोरी से ..
    संसार बंधा  है
    शुभ रक्षाबंधन !
  • R@khi is decor@ted with flower$ every $treet
    Girl$ $it on every $quare thre@d,
    You p@ss from the l@ne,
    R@khi thre@d is h@nded e@ch girl’s h@nd!
    Lots of luck Rakshabandhan

Raksha Bandhan Images Photos Wishes Nepali, Bengali, Gujrati

Raksha Bandhan Images Photos Wishes Nepali, Bengali, Gujrati

Raksha Bandhan Messages in Gujrati

  • আমি কিছু কহা আগে ,
    তবু তোমরা কেন বোঝ .
    আপনি আমি সব আমার গোপন ভাগ করে নিতে পারে ,
    যাকে আমার বন্ধু হয়েছে . আমি ,
     আমার প্রিয়তম বোন তোমায় ভালোবাসি. শুভ ভাই Raksha  bandhan.
  • ભાવ-સ્નેહનું સતત સર્જન,
    અદકેરું બંધન, રક્ષાબંધન.
    રેશમનો તાર, એક અનોખો સાર,
    ભીંજાય એમાં આખો સંસાર.
  • ગલીયો ફૂલોથી સજાવીને રાખી છે
    દરેક વણાંક માં છોકરીઓ બેસાડી રાખી છે 
    ખબર નથી તું ક્યાંથી આવીશ 
    એટલાજ માટે એમના હાથ માં રાખડીઓ થમાવી રાખી છે 
    રક્ષાબંધન મુબારક 

Raksha Bandhan Images in Nepali, Raksha Bandhan Photos in Gujrati, Raksha Bandhan Pics Wishes in Bengali }

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